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  • In 1958 I purchased my Kitchen Craft cookware and bakeware from a door-to-door salesman and made payments for 24 months. To this day, I use every piece of my Kitchen Craft products and they have served me beautifully. I am 77 years old and am in excellent health and I feel using this cookware has contributed greatly to my good health and being a happy “senior” lady. I see absolutely no need to buy anything so called “new and improved!”

    One of my saucepan knobs has a little crack in it … but other than that, everything is in perfect shape. I may have lost two husbands, but my Kitchen Craft lives on! Thanks for all the happy years of cooking and baking.  (Feb. 7, 2017)

    Patrice from Washougal, WA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    In 1963 I purchased the basic set of Kitchen Craft stainless cookware plus a bonus set of flatware which I am using yet today, 54 years later. The purchase price was $245, which also included the electric skillet with liquid core. The pans are just as bright and shiny as the day I purchased them. We also feel it’s healthier steaming vegetables and using stainless cookware as we have no health issues being in the upper seventies.


  • In 1968 we were “talked” into hosting a home demonstration of waterless cookware by our cousin’s new salesman husband.   We had been married for 5 years and could hardly afford tin cans much less expensive cookware, but…arm twisting was applied by family and we agreed to host a show.  This was our cousin’s husband’s first show and he was extremely nervous.  None of the invitees were inclined to make a purchase, including us.  However, upon leaving our home the dejected salesman spied our little sports car and with inquiry we agreed to trade the car for a set of pots and pans.  When our salesman returned he presented us with the set of cookware and took possession of the car.  Our cookware has served us faithfully for all these 48 years and are used almost daily.  The sports car … well it wouldn’t start and we had to push it to get it started and it probably was made into tin cans.

    Ron & Hermine

  • We bought our Americraft cookware about 10 years ago at a home show. It was such a good decision. We love our cookware and use it every single day. It works so well at allowing me to use less fat when I cook and cleans up so easily. I feel confident in the fact that I am cooking in surgical stainless steel, no flaking nonstick or other chemicals leeching into our food. The pans will last throughout my lifetime and will be passed on to my granddaughter or grandson to be used for decades to come.

    Peg from South Carolina

  • My kettles look like new 48 years later and withstanding two house fires and the best cooking ever!

    Sandra Gabriel from Bismarck ND

  • I purchased a set of Kitchen Craft cook ware in 1973. I still use it…The BEST cook ware on the market!

    Mary Beth Parsons from Virginia Beach, Virginia

  • I bought my set of Kitchen Craft cookware when I a junior in college. My mother thought it was a foolish investment at that time. I have never regretted my decision. I love to cook. Today I replaced the handles on the fry pans and sauce pans. Cooking with gas has finally taken it’s toll. My cookware is 48 years old and looks as good as the day I took it out of the box. I wouldn’t cook with anything else.

    Keryl Hallford from Billings, MT

  • Back in 1969 when my wife was in High school graduating she purchased a set of cookware from (Lustre Kraft) back then we used them until the mid-80s, then when Teflon came out she switched .

    So l put the set away till the mid-90s when she got tired of buying pots and pans. Then we met David Monge at the OC Fair in Ca. He put the fire back under us to use the cook ware and showed her how to cook with LOW heat. A year or so later we upgraded our set to the newer style of cookware. I didn’t get rid of the old set, I put them in the trailer, so now we have two great sets of pots and pans to use. When we would go to the shows and I would see something I would like I would get one for home and one for the trailer. So I think for the last 48 years I still love this cookware.

    PS I like that they work great on Induction cook tops.

    Norm Samure from CA

  • In 2002, I was watching a demonstration, at the Eastern States Expo, for Kitchen Craft Cookware. I was so impressed with the cookware that my husband and I talked it over and decided that it was worth every penny. He bought the set for me and we said it would be my birthday, Christmas, and Mother’s day gift for that year. I have never been happier with a gift. These pans have been everything that they were promised to be.

    I especially love the even cooking and the fact that I don’t need to use unhealthy fats and oils to get great results. We have all benefitted from healthy cooking. Thank you so much for making a quality product. I know I will never need or want another set of cookware.


    Francois from MA

  • My wife wanted one thing for Christmas… and that was the Kitchen Craft Square Griddle.   Why?   Because we love the cookware we bought from Chef Ken at the Texas State Fair.  In addition, my wife makes pancakes every weekend on a square griddle so I don’t have to eat oatmeal 7 days a week and as a treat.   Replacing her current flaking Teflon coated square griddle with a Kitchen Craft product completes her transition to clean, non-contaminating, energy efficient,  stain-less steel cookware.   Call us “obsessed” if you want to but we love this product.

    Dan from Carrollton

  • Just a note about my cookware.  I bought a complete set of your cookware along with a set of china at a home showing in my Mother and Dad’s home when I was 21 years old.  I am now 78 years old and have cooked in it all my married life.  I have all the pieces and have used them the whole time I have been married since I was 24 yrs. old.  I also have all the china.  The cookware is still in excellent condition except  for one handle on the smallest pan,  but it is still useable  I have always cooked a lot and still do.   Just wanted to let you know what a good set of pans you have.  And I will probably pass them down to one of my grandchildren someday.  I would recommend these pans to anyone who is planning on buying  for themselves or for a wedding gift for their children.   Most people I know have bought several sets of cookware and most have had to buy sets of cookware again  and some more the second time.  Thanks for the good value  of your product.  I still love cooking in them.

    Patsy Wilcox

  • I was diagnose with Cancer twice within 6 months of each other and attended my first demonstration one month before my first surgery. I purchased a whole set on the payment plan. I have always cooked with whole foods and this cookware seem to be the natural next step to taking control of my health.

    I would never give my cookware up. I love it! My recipes are so much better and you wouldn’t believe how the flavor is enhanced using this cookware.

    We are going to be moving to Florida and this cookware is going with me. My next purchase will be some of the bake ware. I would recommend this cookware to everyone. Well worth the investment!

    After purchasing mine; I found that my neighbor’s mother had purchased this cookware years ago and she has now inherited it and loves it as well. It truly is an investment.

    Brenda Forth from Beavercreek oh

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