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  • About 10-12 years ago my husband and I purchased a basic set of Kitchen Craft cookware. At the same time we also purchased an amazing vegetable/cheese slicer/grater, which I use at least three times a week!
    The cookware is still beautiful and looks as if I just purchased the pans – even the bottoms look like new!! I love the way chicken is released automatically when browning it in the fry pay.
    We like the set so much that two years ago we added another piece to our set, a slow cooker. I love the way the pot is separate from the heater. I can use that pot for other cooking also.
    One last advantage of the Kitchen Craft cookware is that I can use the pans on my induction stovetop! None of my old pans will work!
    I highly recommend this company’s products!!!

    Mary Hoodenpyle from Sweet Home, Or

  • Last year at the local home show, I acquired a new piece of cookware, the gourmet cooker. I have appreciated the fine job this cookware does. Healthful meals is our goal and we are assured of getting the benefit from the quality food we purchase and cook in this cookware. I have especially appreciated being able to make numerous items including bone broth which is new to us.
    Cleaning is a breeze once you know the trick.
    This is a lifetime investment for your health and well worth the price.

    Linda from GA

  • Has to be somewhere at least ten years ago that I was at a home show in Philadelphia and saw the demonstration on these pans. Were they expensive, yes they were, but the idea of cooking with less fat in a faster amount of time was very appealing to both my husband and myself. These pans replaced my Faberware pans that I had been using for many years. I love these pans! I have added a few other pans to the set I purchased years ago at other shows, and always stop to see the demonstrations at these shows to see if there is anything new that I can use. Except for one handle that chipped when the lid fell to the floor, I have not had to replace anything else. The pans are easy to take apart to clean and look great! My daughter can’t wait for the hand-me-downs! I would recommend the investment in these pans, you will never need to buy another set!

    Peggy from Willow Grove, PA

  • In 1964, I purchased my set of Kitchen Craft Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware. I was still living at home and working in a nursing home. A co-worker friend of mine gave my name to a door to door salesman. She had just gotten married and had purchased a set from him. He set up an appointment with me and came and demonstrated the set to me. Needless to say, when he was done, I was sold and purchased my first cookware set from him. As a gift, I received a set of stainless steel silverware.
    I got married in 1965 and started using my cookware and silverware. I still have all the pieces but my one quart saucepan is damaged on the bottom of the handle by the metal plate. It still works fine. I will be married 52 years this year and use my cookware every day. Some pieces more than others. It is awesome cookware and is the best purchase, I have ever made. It will be passed on to our three children someday and then they can enjoy cooking with it.

    Dolores from Chisholm MN

  • I bought my Waterless cookware in 1972 when I was 23, thought I got sucked in by the Salesman. Much to my surprise, I still have the basic set plus a few other skillets; I absolutely love the cookware and don’t use anything else. My husband bought some non-stick cookware ( not realizing the gem I already had) which was damaged within a few years. Over all these years I’ve only had to replace one lid handle. Besides being waterless, I love the speed with which I can whip up a meal of frozen foods. Plus the ease of cleaning the pans after use.

    Barbara from United States

  • Just received my cookware yesterday. Used 1 quart sauce pan. Added 1 cup of blueberries and strawberries. Total one cup. Rinsed and drained. Heated on Med (6) till it started to steam then turned down to low (as low as it could go). Set timer for 5 min. It was perfect.

    Penny Lisowski from Winder,Ga

  • My name is Patti and I have had my cookware for many, many years! I am still using my cookware and loving it! .

    My favorite piece at Thanksgiving and Christmas is the Turkey Roaster. I don’t have to add water, never baste, and the turkey is moist and falls off the bones. It is totally awesome and is a time saver with no repeat basting like other roasters. I was sorry to see it discontinued as people just don’t realize how awesome it is. My husband loves it too. He didn’t believe you shouldn’t add water and the first time we use it, he added 3/4 cup of water and didn’t tell me. Later when I started vegetables, etc… I saw liquid running out of the oven. I had a real mess going and had to bail out the roaster (not to mention cleaning the oven, floors,etc.) and he was in the dog house!! He has never added water since! You never smell what is cooking because the lids seal.

    I also like the electric skillet, and YES, mine was made in the USA!! I like all my pieces, and am always using the veggie slicer with cones. Its fast and super easy, as is the cleanup. I love time savers!
    Thanks for making such excellent cookware—it’s worth it!
    Patti from Kentucky

    Patti from Kentucky

  • In 1958 I purchased my Kitchen Craft cookware and bakeware from a door-to-door salesman and made payments for 24 months. To this day, I use every piece of my Kitchen Craft products and they have served me beautifully. I am 77 years old and am in excellent health and I feel using this cookware has contributed greatly to my good health and being a happy “senior” lady. I see absolutely no need to buy anything so called “new and improved!”

    One of my saucepan knobs has a little crack in it … but other than that, everything is in perfect shape. I may have lost two husbands, but my Kitchen Craft lives on! Thanks for all the happy years of cooking and baking.  (Feb. 7, 2017)

    Patrice from Washougal, WA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    In 1963 I purchased the basic set of Kitchen Craft stainless cookware plus a bonus set of flatware which I am using yet today, 54 years later. The purchase price was $245, which also included the electric skillet with liquid core. The pans are just as bright and shiny as the day I purchased them. We also feel it’s healthier steaming vegetables and using stainless cookware as we have no health issues being in the upper seventies.


  • In 1968 we were “talked” into hosting a home demonstration of waterless cookware by our cousin’s new salesman husband.   We had been married for 5 years and could hardly afford tin cans much less expensive cookware, but…arm twisting was applied by family and we agreed to host a show.  This was our cousin’s husband’s first show and he was extremely nervous.  None of the invitees were inclined to make a purchase, including us.  However, upon leaving our home the dejected salesman spied our little sports car and with inquiry we agreed to trade the car for a set of pots and pans.  When our salesman returned he presented us with the set of cookware and took possession of the car.  Our cookware has served us faithfully for all these 48 years and are used almost daily.  The sports car … well it wouldn’t start and we had to push it to get it started and it probably was made into tin cans.

    Ron & Hermine

  • We bought our Americraft cookware about 10 years ago at a home show. It was such a good decision. We love our cookware and use it every single day. It works so well at allowing me to use less fat when I cook and cleans up so easily. I feel confident in the fact that I am cooking in surgical stainless steel, no flaking nonstick or other chemicals leeching into our food. The pans will last throughout my lifetime and will be passed on to my granddaughter or grandson to be used for decades to come.

    Peg from South Carolina

  • My kettles look like new 48 years later and withstanding two house fires and the best cooking ever!

    Sandra Gabriel from Bismarck ND

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