Customer Reviews

  • We purchased our cookware set about 4 years ago, and I wished we had purchased 10 years earlier! That is how long we kept looking at Kitchencraft at every type of annual fair or craft event! We often sat up front and listened and enjoyed the demos and always thought it would be a nice set for our home. Every few years the price would adjust and we would always say, I wish we bought it earlier when it was at the other price. Well we finally purchased and have loved it from day 1. It’s absolutely the best cookware we will ever own. Thinking about all those other brands of cookware we bought over those 10 years, would could have easily invested in 2 sets of Kitchencraft. I encourage anyone who visits the demos and wish they had a set, do yourself a favor and buy! Even if you only get 1 pot, you won’t regret it, and you will never look at any other brand of cookware again!

    Richard from Salem, va

  • 1980, yes 1980 my husband and I went to a cookware party at our friends house and bought this complete set of cookware including the electric fry pan. Now, 2017 I am still using the same cookware. It speaks for itself and yes I do cook, they aren’t just sitting in my cabinet. I have purchased a pot or two from stores because I liked the color they came in but they are long gone, didn’t hold up.
    While we could not afford to pay for the set upfront we made payments on them and to this day we do not regret spending the money because of the excellent quality. I mean what do you have in your house that you bought in 1980 and still works? I don’t have anything other than this incredible set of pots and pans.

    Diane from North Carolina

    Diane from North Carolina from North Carolina

  • We have been very pleased with our Kitchen Craft Cookware. Over ten years ago we made an impulse purchase of the cookware after being impressed with the product being demonstrated at the New Jersey State Fair. It was a significant investment but it was well worth it. It cleans beautifully, even if something burns (unintentionally of course). The hot pan can go right into the sink to soak, and it looks new again after being washed. I really like being able to cook vegetables with little or no water, to maintain the nutrients. It’s not inexpensive but the quality is there, and it should be considered an investment which will last a very long time, and make cooking a pleasure.

    Jill W. from Delaware

  • We bought our set of cookware back in the early 80’s. It took us to another level of healthy cooking. Now we are whole-food plant based advocates and our old cookware still does a great job. I have replaced some of the handles & nobs but the pans are as good as new. A lifetime investment!

    Margene & Joe from Mount Dora

  • I had just graduated from college in 1966 and had my first teaching job. I was single and had rented an upstairs bedroom and only had access to the landlord’s downstairs kitchen. A very, very young good looking salesman knocked on the door and informed me that he was selling Kitchen Craft. I still do not know if he had acquired my name or if he just happened to stop by. I had never heard of the cookware but after his demonstration, I could not resist . I purchased the entire set of the stainless steel Kitchen Craft. The set included: 8 pieces with 5 lids; 9 inch square cake pan; 9 inch round cake pan; electric skillet; 3 stainless steel mixing bowls; 8 place setting of Royal Sovereign fine china (Forever Yours pattern); 8 place setting of West Bend silverware; cookie sheet; 9 inch pie pan; stainless steel serving bowl. I have forgotten the price but I made monthly payments for a while. Today, I still have all the items except for the round cake pan and a few pieces of broken china (my husband just broke the last dessert bowl as I am writing this). The round cake pan was mistakenly taken at a church function and I was left with an aluminum cake pan. Over the years I made the mistake of placing the cookware in the electric dishwasher and the handles began to crack. I just happened to come in contact with an old friend who was actually still selling Kitchen Craft. He mentioned that the company would replace the handles free of charge, but I would have to pay for the shipping charges. By way of the computer and phone, I contacted the company and now every piece of my cookware has a new handle. I love my Kitchen Craft items and use several of them everyday. I am so glad that salesman came to see me fifty years ago! I really don’t know if I made the purchase because he was so handsome or if I was thinking of my future empty kitchen. All I know is that I made a very wise decision! I plan to will my Kitchen Craft to my great niece because she took an interest in cooking at such a young age.

    W S from Tennessee

  • We bought our set at a home show in Orlando in 1984. I believe we paid about $1000 for it. It was a lot of money at the time, but we looked at it as a lifetime investment an so far that’s proven to be the case. Amazing cookware to say the least!

    Lester from Alabama

  • The set I have I bought in 2009, when I say I love them I really do. It’s a family thing. I have my Granny’s that she bought from the door to door salesman in the 1930s or 40s (she use to talk about how he came in and made a cake on the stove with them) and she was still using them up to the day she passed away in 2008. So when I saw the demo at the Alameda County Home and Garden show I jumped on it!!! Ran into my best friend while there and found out a few months later that she also bought a set the same day. Great minds think alike. I’m in the process of remodeling my kitchen and was concerned if they would work with an induction stove, which I found out they will. I would hate to remodel and find out they don’t work on induction and then have to remodel again because I’m not parting with my pots and pans. Bigger kitchen and room to add more to my collection! Best purchase I have ever made for my kitchen! And better yet they are made in America!!!

    Jackie S. from Union City CA

  • I got engaged in 1968 and my fiance and I decided we would need to start purchasing items for our first home together. Never realized how much was needed to complete a kitchen until we started. A friend of mine had just started dating a young man whose “day job” I don’t remember; but he sold cookware as a second job. I remember my fiance and I looking over and cookware and how attractive and durable the set seemed. And to be truthful, we knew it was costly but could tell the quality was there. We actually took out a personal loan and paid monthly for one year in order to pay for our set. 48 years later, this set looks like we just purchased it. At the time our set consisted of 3 saucepans of various sizes, 2 fry pans, and a large stock pot. I am sorry to say that when my smallest saucepan and smaller fry pan got a bit scorched, I foolishly simply threw them away! I blame that decision on my youth. ha ha I still cook. Maybe not as much as I did when I was younger, but it’s still a joy how these pans clean up so well. Not often that I find quality today in anything purchased. KC has stood up to the quality in our home for all these decades.

    Marie from Alabama

  • We bought our set of pans and bakeware in 1973. It is the only set of pans I have ever used. They still look great. I am just now searching for some replacement handles. Well worth the money!!!

    Debra Scheiber from North Carolina

  • After being dragged by my significant other to the Home and Garden Show I found myself at the demonstration booth for Kitchen Craft cookware. Whoever heard of “waterless” cookware right? Well after I tasted my sample of the pot of veggies I was sold!! I called my S.O. and him come meet me at the booth so he could sample too and I could go in for the kill. One bite and he was sold as well!!
    Each veggie actually tasted like it was supposed to; I know it sounds crazy but it’s amazing. We sat down with the demonstrator and bit the bullet. I went home, was so excited until the next day…reality set in and I like many others had buyers remorse. I couldn’t believe I spent HOW MUCH on pots??
    Fast forward 8 years and I still use and LOVE my pots and the meals I create in them!! I assure you they are worth every last penny!!
    If you are a review reader (like me) I can assure you that these pots are truly an INVESTMENT! Mine still look almost brand new and are used often.

    Robin from Gretna, Louisiana

  • I purchased my Kitchen Kraft set in approximately 1977-78. I thought it was expensive at the time, but the warranty was too good to pass up, and I have only once had to use it when a handle broke. They immediately returned a completely new pan to me, no questions asked. I am STILL using this MARVELOUS cookware!

    Annette from Florida

  • I purchased my first set of the Kitchen Craft Cookware in 1971 (I was 16 and it was my first major purchase, around $400.00 for the basic set). In 1990 I was invited to a demo in the home of a friend with the promise of a free dinner. The dinner was amazing and I left there with the complete set including the bake ware, electric oil core skillet, kitchen kutter, roasting pan, slow cooker, indoor smokeless grill, square and round griddle and wok. I have every size pot and skillet imaginable. Let me just say that purchase made 26 years ago was the best purchase I have ever made, the cook ware cost me approximately $4000.
    My original set I gave to my daughter, and she still uses it today.
    I attended a local Home Show over the weekend and watched Cindy give the Kitchen Craft Cookware demo, I really needed a refresher course. I had forgotten about the stack cooking (how could I forget), I forgot what a wonderful tool the kitchen kutter is. Cindy suggested leaving it on the counter, so it would be handy, I set it out as soon as I got home. To think of the money I wasted on all those gadgets for cutting veggies and I had the right tool all these years, THANK YOU CINDY!!!!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cookware!!!!
    I have used this cookware every day since I purchased it. I am a seamstress so I don’t have a lot of time in the kitchen, so I make every minute count and with quick cooking and easy clean up, this cookware fits the bill, and the fact that it is made in the USA is an A-PLUS for me. Thank you Kitchen Craft keep up the good work.

    Myrtle from Louisiana

  • About 10-12 years ago my husband and I purchased a basic set of Kitchen Craft cookware. At the same time we also purchased an amazing vegetable/cheese slicer/grater, which I use at least three times a week!
    The cookware is still beautiful and looks as if I just purchased the pans – even the bottoms look like new!! I love the way chicken is released automatically when browning it in the fry pan.
    We liked the set so much that two years ago we added another piece to our set, a slow cooker. I love the way the pot is separate from the heater. I can use that pot for other cooking also.
    One last advantage of the Kitchen Craft cookware is that I can use the pans on my induction stovetop! None of my old pans will work!
    I highly recommend this company’s products!!!

    Mary Hoodenpyle from Sweet Home, OR

  • Last year at the local home show, I acquired a new piece of cookware, the gourmet cooker. I have appreciated the fine job this cookware does. Healthful meals is our goal and we are assured of getting the benefit from the quality food we purchase and cook in this cookware. I have especially appreciated being able to make numerous items including bone broth which is new to us.
    Cleaning is a breeze once you know the trick.
    This is a lifetime investment for your health and well worth the price.

    Linda from GA

  • Has to be somewhere at least ten years ago that I was at a home show in Philadelphia and saw the demonstration on these pans. Were they expensive, yes they were, but the idea of cooking with less fat in a faster amount of time was very appealing to both my husband and myself. These pans replaced my Faberware pans that I had been using for many years. I love these pans! I have added a few other pans to the set I purchased years ago at other shows, and always stop to see the demonstrations at these shows to see if there is anything new that I can use. Except for one handle that chipped when the lid fell to the floor, I have not had to replace anything else. The pans are easy to take apart to clean and look great! My daughter can’t wait for the hand-me-downs! I would recommend the investment in these pans, you will never need to buy another set!

    Peggy from Willow Grove, PA

  • In 1964, I purchased my set of Kitchen Craft Stainless Steel Waterless Cookware. I was still living at home and working in a nursing home. A co-worker friend of mine gave my name to a door to door salesman. She had just gotten married and had purchased a set from him. He set up an appointment with me and came and demonstrated the set to me. Needless to say, when he was done, I was sold and purchased my first cookware set from him. As a gift, I received a set of stainless steel silverware.
    I got married in 1965 and started using my cookware and silverware. I still have all the pieces but my one quart saucepan is damaged on the bottom of the handle by the metal plate. It still works fine. I will be married 52 years this year and use my cookware every day. Some pieces more than others. It is awesome cookware and is the best purchase, I have ever made. It will be passed on to our three children someday and then they can enjoy cooking with it.

    Dolores from Chisholm MN

  • I bought my Waterless cookware in 1972 when I was 23, thought I got sucked in by the Salesman. Much to my surprise, I still have the basic set plus a few other skillets; I absolutely love the cookware and don’t use anything else. My husband bought some non-stick cookware ( not realizing the gem I already had) which was damaged within a few years. Over all these years I’ve only had to replace one lid handle. Besides being waterless, I love the speed with which I can whip up a meal of frozen foods. Plus the ease of cleaning the pans after use.

    Barbara from United States

  • Just received my cookware yesterday. Used 1 quart sauce pan. Added 1 cup of blueberries and strawberries. Total one cup. Rinsed and drained. Heated on Med (6) till it started to steam then turned down to low (as low as it could go). Set timer for 5 min. It was perfect.

    Penny Lisowski from Winder,Ga

  • My name is Patti and I have had my cookware for many, many years! I am still using my cookware and loving it! .

    My favorite piece at Thanksgiving and Christmas is the Turkey Roaster. I don’t have to add water, never baste, and the turkey is moist and falls off the bones. It is totally awesome and is a time saver with no repeat basting like other roasters. I was sorry to see it discontinued as people just don’t realize how awesome it is. My husband loves it too. He didn’t believe you shouldn’t add water and the first time we use it, he added 3/4 cup of water and didn’t tell me. Later when I started vegetables, etc… I saw liquid running out of the oven. I had a real mess going and had to bail out the roaster (not to mention cleaning the oven, floors,etc.) and he was in the dog house!! He has never added water since! You never smell what is cooking because the lids seal.

    I also like the electric skillet, and YES, mine was made in the USA!! I like all my pieces, and am always using the veggie slicer with cones. Its fast and super easy, as is the cleanup. I love time savers!
    Thanks for making such excellent cookware—it’s worth it!
    Patti from Kentucky

    Patti from Kentucky

  • In 1958 I purchased my Kitchen Craft cookware and bakeware from a door-to-door salesman and made payments for 24 months. To this day, I use every piece of my Kitchen Craft products and they have served me beautifully. I am 77 years old and am in excellent health and I feel using this cookware has contributed greatly to my good health and being a happy “senior” lady. I see absolutely no need to buy anything so called “new and improved!”

    One of my saucepan knobs has a little crack in it … but other than that, everything is in perfect shape. I may have lost two husbands, but my Kitchen Craft lives on! Thanks for all the happy years of cooking and baking.  (Feb. 7, 2017)

    Patrice from Washougal, WA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    In 1963 I purchased the basic set of Kitchen Craft stainless cookware plus a bonus set of flatware which I am using yet today, 54 years later. The purchase price was $245, which also included the electric skillet with liquid core. The pans are just as bright and shiny as the day I purchased them. We also feel it’s healthier steaming vegetables and using stainless cookware as we have no health issues being in the upper seventies.


  • In 1968 we were “talked” into hosting a home demonstration of waterless cookware by our cousin’s new salesman husband.   We had been married for 5 years and could hardly afford tin cans much less expensive cookware, but…arm twisting was applied by family and we agreed to host a show.  This was our cousin’s husband’s first show and he was extremely nervous.  None of the invitees were inclined to make a purchase, including us.  However, upon leaving our home the dejected salesman spied our little sports car and with inquiry we agreed to trade the car for a set of pots and pans.  When our salesman returned he presented us with the set of cookware and took possession of the car.  Our cookware has served us faithfully for all these 48 years and are used almost daily.  The sports car … well it wouldn’t start and we had to push it to get it started and it probably was made into tin cans.

    Ron & Hermine

  • We bought our Americraft cookware about 10 years ago at a home show. It was such a good decision. We love our cookware and use it every single day. It works so well at allowing me to use less fat when I cook and cleans up so easily. I feel confident in the fact that I am cooking in surgical stainless steel, no flaking nonstick or other chemicals leeching into our food. The pans will last throughout my lifetime and will be passed on to my granddaughter or grandson to be used for decades to come.

    Peg from South Carolina

  • My kettles look like new 48 years later and withstanding two house fires and the best cooking ever!

    Sandra Gabriel from Bismarck ND

  • I purchased a set of Kitchen Craft cook ware in 1973. I still use it…The BEST cook ware on the market!

    Mary Beth Parsons from Virginia Beach, Virginia

  • I bought my set of Kitchen Craft cookware when I a junior in college. My mother thought it was a foolish investment at that time. I have never regretted my decision. I love to cook. Today I replaced the handles on the fry pans and sauce pans. Cooking with gas has finally taken it’s toll. My cookware is 48 years old and looks as good as the day I took it out of the box. I wouldn’t cook with anything else.

    Keryl Hallford from Billings, MT

  • Back in 1969 when my wife was in High school graduating she purchased a set of cookware from (Lustre Kraft) back then we used them until the mid-80s, then when Teflon came out she switched .

    So l put the set away till the mid-90s when she got tired of buying pots and pans. Then we met David Monge at the OC Fair in Ca. He put the fire back under us to use the cook ware and showed her how to cook with LOW heat. A year or so later we upgraded our set to the newer style of cookware. I didn’t get rid of the old set, I put them in the trailer, so now we have two great sets of pots and pans to use. When we would go to the shows and I would see something I would like I would get one for home and one for the trailer. So I think for the last 48 years I still love this cookware.

    PS I like that they work great on Induction cook tops.

    Norm Samure from CA

  • In 2002, I was watching a demonstration, at the Eastern States Expo, for Kitchen Craft Cookware. I was so impressed with the cookware that my husband and I talked it over and decided that it was worth every penny. He bought the set for me and we said it would be my birthday, Christmas, and Mother’s day gift for that year. I have never been happier with a gift. These pans have been everything that they were promised to be.

    I especially love the even cooking and the fact that I don’t need to use unhealthy fats and oils to get great results. We have all benefitted from healthy cooking. Thank you so much for making a quality product. I know I will never need or want another set of cookware.


    Francois from MA

  • My wife wanted one thing for Christmas… and that was the Kitchen Craft Square Griddle.   Why?   Because we love the cookware we bought from Chef Ken at the Texas State Fair.  In addition, my wife makes pancakes every weekend on a square griddle so I don’t have to eat oatmeal 7 days a week and as a treat.   Replacing her current flaking Teflon coated square griddle with a Kitchen Craft product completes her transition to clean, non-contaminating, energy efficient,  stain-less steel cookware.   Call us “obsessed” if you want to but we love this product.

    Dan from Carrollton

  • Just a note about my cookware.  I bought a complete set of your cookware along with a set of china at a home showing in my Mother and Dad’s home when I was 21 years old.  I am now 78 years old and have cooked in it all my married life.  I have all the pieces and have used them the whole time I have been married since I was 24 yrs. old.  I also have all the china.  The cookware is still in excellent condition except  for one handle on the smallest pan,  but it is still useable  I have always cooked a lot and still do.   Just wanted to let you know what a good set of pans you have.  And I will probably pass them down to one of my grandchildren someday.  I would recommend these pans to anyone who is planning on buying  for themselves or for a wedding gift for their children.   Most people I know have bought several sets of cookware and most have had to buy sets of cookware again  and some more the second time.  Thanks for the good value  of your product.  I still love cooking in them.

    Patsy Wilcox

  • I was diagnose with Cancer twice within 6 months of each other and attended my first demonstration one month before my first surgery. I purchased a whole set on the payment plan. I have always cooked with whole foods and this cookware seem to be the natural next step to taking control of my health.

    I would never give my cookware up. I love it! My recipes are so much better and you wouldn’t believe how the flavor is enhanced using this cookware.

    We are going to be moving to Florida and this cookware is going with me. My next purchase will be some of the bake ware. I would recommend this cookware to everyone. Well worth the investment!

    After purchasing mine; I found that my neighbor’s mother had purchased this cookware years ago and she has now inherited it and loves it as well. It truly is an investment.

    Brenda Forth from Beavercreek oh

  • My wife and I purchased our waterless cookware at the Oregon State Fair approximately 5 years ago from Denise Duncan. We had a week or more of “buyer’s remorse” after the Fair and before our cookware arrived at our door for spending so much money on “pots and pans”. However, my wife cooks with them every single day, and we absolutely love the results. We have no regrets on the purchase, and as you know we actually purchased another $2000 worth last night – some for us and some as starter gifts for our children. As a veteran of the US Army (38 years worth), I am proud to buy such a quality “Made in America” product. Thank you. (Gary tells me that you now offer military emblems in the top of the lid handles, so our new purchases will be sporting them – great idea – thanks for honoring the military!)

    As promised, I have attached photos of the wall rack I built for my wife’s cookware. We frequently get comments and compliments from our guests. As a bonus, after the meal, Elaine gets compliments on her cooking. The holders for the lids on the wall rack are drawer-pulls (set deep enough to hold the lids securely), and the holders for the short grabber handles are stainless door hinge pins.

    Jim Randolph

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    When my husband and I traveled to the Louisiana Shrimp Festival, the LAST thing we considered purchasing was cookware. We were very interested in finding authentic Cajun food (of which we found little). We happened upon your cooking show, and sat for a demonstration. As my husband’s Mama had a set of waterless cookware 40 years ago, we were very interested in listening to the presentation, and subsequently purchased the “Family” set. I could not wait for my cookware to arrive! I received my cookware late Friday – about 2 weeks after purchase. It was too late on Friday to cook, so Saturday I decided to make FRIED chicken in the cookware. Now, I KNOW you promote healthy eating, but some Southerners have a hard time letting go of those fried foods. I wanted to let you know that your cookware does extremely well with more traditional cooking as well. I still used med-to-low heat, and I did use less oil with very little salt. The skinless white-meat chicken was delicious and tender. On Sunday I found pork chops in the freezer, and made my Mama’s favorite chop dish – which still required frying. Again, I used less oil with little salt, and allowed the cookware to do its business. The chops were astoundingly tender – yet crispy. My husband immediately declared that our unexpected purchase was a “good buy!”

    Patti from Benton, AR

  • I was preparing my lima beans this morning, and pulled out the large 6 qt. pot, saying to my husband, that these must be the best cookware we have ever bought. Then we realized that we had had them for about 30 years and they still look like BRAND NEW. Back then, the price was an astronomical +/- $400 for a whole set of 6 pots. Friends thought we were nuts spending so much on pots. Nothing has stuck to them, they withstood Brillo Pads, and being dropped by overzealous kids; they have been banging against each other, and still look better than any normal pot or pan will ever look like after a few years. We thought we should share that with you and thank you for selling these pots on military installations in Germany to US soldiers back in 1982.

    Liz from Killeen, TX

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:

    My fiance and I worked on that pan with a few different cleaners after the water stain affected it, including ketchup and lemon juice. Well, low and behold, the pan looks just as good as it did before the accident! It is the one pan that I have used several times a week for 45 years, so it was not a perfect one. Most of the set is as shiny and pretty, as it was to begin with. The egg poacher still looks like brand new and was not effected. I just thank God that it was one of your company’s pans that overheated, because a cheaper brand may have shattered or melted on the glass top stove. Thank you for responding to my inquiry in such a timely manner. Keep well. Thanks, again!

    June from Eustis

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    Our very first Kitchen Craft show was very entertaining and fun. I learned a lot about the nutritious food, and the best way to a healthy lifestyle. The best choice that my husband and I made was choosing to purchase the cookware. I was so excited to get this cookware home and to cook my first tasty meal. That was the best decision we could have ever made. The food is like no other! I am so glad that we didn’t walk away from this show without this product. Brett and Lena, it shows just how much you care about this product and to promote this with such enthusiasm and honesty, what you told us about this product is so true. Ivan and I are so hooked we want the entire cookware. This the a great investment! I was so happy when Brett said this cookware is made in the USA! God bless you!

    Brenda Zimmerman

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    Just wanted to share my story with you. Last year my parents and I were at a home show where you were doing demos. My parents already had a set of Americraft Cookware they loves and after your demo they gave me a set for Christmas. I have lost 60 pounds since then and I owe it all to the cookware and recipes! I work two jobs and am single so quick and easy food in important. It was often just easier/faster for me to go through a drive through for fast food at lunch and or dinner than trying to change recipes for 1 serving and plan out meals. Now that I have Americraft, that is not true. Now it is easier and faster for me to keep frozen chicken and veggies on hand and throw them in the pan than it is to go through a drive through! I love all the compliments that I get when I go out about how good I look. I feel better and get more done in a day. I also have less digestion problems. I really owe it all to Americraft as I didn’t change anything else in my lifestyle. My favorite lunch if your chicken salad, which I typically make with cashews and grapes or dried cherries, and olive oil mayo. It is cheaper and more healthy, easier to make than buying it. My favorite dinner is a chicken breast, 1/2 a yam or potato, and a handful of veggies (typically broccoli) which I just take from freezer to pan. Thank you for helping me drop the toddler I’d been carrying around with me for years. I like to think that Americraft “cooked off” 60 pounds. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    Susan Harvey

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    The cord to my slow cooker recently broke. It was still working, but the part where the cord connects to the slow cooker part was cracked. I emailed the company, and a rep called me back, and she sent me a free replacement cord, and was very nice. I was thrilled that she didn’t charge me. I don’t understand why it broke, as I take excellent care of these things, but I guess things happen. Best money we ever spent! Excellent service for sure!! Would love for you to pass this on. Thanks.

    Daryl-Ann & Pete

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I have owned your product for 35 years. I still use the pots and pans and they look very good. I don’t remember what I paid for them, however, it was a good investment.

    Therese from Lee's Summit, MO

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    Amazing. Simply amazing.

    Patski from Sanford, FL

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I have one piece left from the set me and my husband bought in 1955, fact is used it today and decided to find out if Kitchen Craft was still active, sure was glad to see it is. The one piece I have is the long pan that I have used for so many different things to bake in the oven, turkey, chicken, meat loaf, cookies etc. Looks kinda ragged but just put tin foil over it and it is good to go. Great product after 58 years.

    Magdalene from Virginia Beach, VA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    Thanks for making such a great product. We bought a set from a door to door sales lady when we got married 31 years ago and they still look like new and work just as great when we first cooked with them. Thanks again for a GREAT product.

    Bruce from TX

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    My kitchen sink flooded while on vacation, thus the water flowed into the open drawer that led to my shelf where I stored my Electric Skillet. Water flooded the skillet, which also contained the Probe Controller (E23049) #E867. I believe the water sat there for 4 months before I pulled it out to use. It was full of stinky, slimy water therefore I took it apart, applied some WD-40 lubricant and it still WORKED! Thanks for creating such a great stable product!


  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    “I have a set of West Bend cookware that I purchased upon graduation from high school in 1960. I have continued to use this set as my primary cookware for all these years. I particularly love the 6-quart dutch oven. The label on my pan is Kitchen Craft Stainless Steel, 18-8 Made in the USA. I believe the original contact came with a lifetime replacement warranty for handles and knobs. The knobs have been long gone for several years but the side handles on the dutch oven have finally started to break down after all these years of use in and out of the oven.”

    Jean from Gilbert , MN

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I purchased my Kitchen Craft pots, pans and bakeware almost 50 years ago from a door-to-door salesman. I use them almost on a daily basis and they still look like new. Food cooks evenly and they are an easy cleanup.

    Jeanine from Crestwood, IL

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I have never had another set of pots and pans in my home.

    Val from Edmonton, Alberta - Canada

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I refer to my cookware as my “Whistle Ware” – I wait for it to whistle while I work and when it whistles, its work is done but mine isn’t. I have to still keep working! I hope you enjoyed my little anecdote, but truly I just love it! I am so proud to show it off and I let everyone know that I am not only the proud owner of it, but that it is all American and everyone else needs to own it and keep America working! I had to wait many years to be able to afford it but the wait was worth it. Thanks for still being in business and providing me the opportunity to have been able to purchase it when I did.

    Avandra from Scranton, PA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    Oh my, I cannot say enough about my cookware. It is the best. I believe so strongly that this [set] will last my lifetime, I am willing it to my daughter. There is nothing you can’t cook! I bought my cookware about 10 years ago, and it looks as good as the day I bought it. You will never be sorry you spent the money for this cookware. I know I’m not. My husband was about to be really mad at me, but when it arrived and he saw the construction, and how well it cooks things he was impressed. It was worth every penny! I love my Kitchen Craft cookware!

    Linda from Springhill, FL

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    We have used every piece of the set by now. I enjoyed canning with the large 6, 8, and 12 quart pans. I love that the paella skillet is so heavy. The baking pans and sheets really don’t need the extra oiling. I’m using the Kitchen Kutter more than I ever imagined. I don’t regret spending the extra money on this wonderful set.

    Nedra from Brainerd, MN

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    We just love our new cookware. We have adapted several recipes that we use to cook on other cookware. They sure do taste better and we know they are healthier.

    Gary & Linda from Woodinville, WA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I have been using your cookware for almost 15 years… My daughters still fight over who is going to get my pots and pans when I am gone… My wife has tried her best to destroy them and has been unable to hurt even one. They are easy to use and care for and a pleasure to cook with!

    Robert from Kingwood, TX

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    The gentleman who demonstrated our cookware to us 37 years ago brought his set that he said was about 20 years old. The pots and pans hardly looked used. They were older than I was at the time. He promised it would look that good for us in the future. I am writing to say that THEY DO! After 37 years of daily use I have only had to replace a handle that cracked. Thank you for this excellent product I hope to pass on to my daughter!

    Denise from Wailuku, HI

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I purchased a complete set of Kitchen Craft pots and pans in 1948. My husband and I have been married for over 60 years and I am still using this cookware every day. They are wonderful and I will probably pass them on to my grandchildren or great-grandchildren some day. They were one of the best investments I ever could have made, other than my husband. Thank you for making a superior product.

    Jeanie from Appleton, WI

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    Thank you so much for repairing the pot I sent back to you. I’ve had my pots and pans for over 45 years and have had no complaints. I can see why you have been in business for a hundred years. With a quality product and service, I am sure it will continue for many, many more. Thank you again

    Judith from Hanover, PA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I’ve been using these pots since 1982. Thank you for such good quality. It’s so true: you don’t have to purchase any other pots but these for a lifetime of happy eaters.

    June from Shoreham, NY

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I never really gave it much thought to look up information about Kitchen Craft, since I bought this product when I was 16 years of age (1976). I thought there is no way the company would still be in business. I still have the cookware and have used it during my 27 years of marriage. All the pots, pans and lids honestly still look new, clean up easily and cooks fantastic. I have over the years bought other cookware just because of the color or what not … They have never lasted. I am on a quest to find a skillet to complete my set. I lost it over the years of moving around. I am thrilled to know it is possible to complete my set once again. I am so glad that, at a very young age, I started my “hope chest” with such a pure and honest product.

    Kim from Glendale, AZ

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I got my first slow cooker for hosting a party in 1989. After enjoying it for 18 years my husband and I committed to the entire set. My only regret is that we didn’t purchase the set as a wedding present to ourselves. We spent enough money on pots and pans that first 18 years to have made a nice deposit on this family heirloom. The set is now 5 years old and looks new. I talk about the quality and how pleased I am all the time with friends and family. My children will never forget it. I hope they grow to appreciate the set the way I have. Thanks Kitchen Craft for a great product.

    Beverly from Smithville, TX

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    Best products in the world! [I] have purchased six sets for the whole “Fam Damily!” We all try to out cook each other but [we] can’t because the cookware does all the cooking and you just can’t beat it! Thank you for a great product!

    The Fraziers from West Jordan, UT

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I will never forget, Mr Volz (salesman’s name) sold me a set when I was only 17-18 years old. It was 1957 and I was working full time. I also got a hand mixer FREE because I got him another sale. I used the mixer for years! I never cared about fancy CHINA but wanted nice cookware – I have never purchased ANYTHING that I have enjoyed as much as this cookware!! I am going to give my pans to my great granddaughter who is only 9 years old now, and all she likes to watch is the Cooking Channel when at my house for weekends. I think my set cost around $200 in 1957 – big money for a 17-year-old girl!

    Dot from Vinton, VA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    Thank you for the speedy repair of my cook-pot and lid. They look fantastic! Your service is great! Buying your cookware shortly after we were married in 1961 was one the best things we ever did. The pots were always top of the line, and they have lasted through the years. Our daughters received other brands of cookware as gifts, and there is no comparison in quality and durability.

    Judy Merisko

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    We have just purchased our third set of cookware! We have been so delighted with the cookware that we purchased a second set, … gave my daughter my first set, and just two weeks ago purchased a Basic Set for my son. We want the best for our family and grand-kids!

    Ted & Terry from Deer Park, TX

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I want to thank you for taking the time to speak to me the other day. I have been cooking like crazy since we spoke and I can’t tell you how much I enjoy veggies now! I can’t believe how well they taste! I can’t believe it! I made mashed potatoes; they tasted like I never tasted potatoes before and I am not a potatoes type person! Then I made summer squash, zucchini, a little onion, carrots, and some broccoli … yummmm! I can’t believe how much more taste is in the veggies! What a difference! Back when I was in my early 20’s and going to get married, I went to a demonstration on your waterless cookware and decided to purchase it; but the next day changed my mind and cancelled it. Why? Cost. Here I am 30 some years later and I bought my first waterless cookware and could kick myself for not buying way back then….oh well! Anyways, thank you again. And, I may still call from time to time to speak to you about cooking. And if in the upcoming year you see cooking classes being scheduled for people like me, and if you remember, please forward the classes to me. Thank you again!


  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    When we first married in February of 1958, we lived in the small town of Ypsilanti, Michigan. We didn’t have much money and rented an apartment. One day a real nice door-to-door salesman came by to sell pots and pans. We didn’t have [any] but one we got from the five & dime store. He said we could make a small monthly payment, which we did for about a year. I had never seen such shiny and beautiful pans in my life. Those pans have lived in 5 different states and cooked for us and our 5 children for 50 years! They still cook everything just right. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!

    Mr. & Mrs. Colston from Ayden, NC

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I was very unsure about it. I watched several demos for a few years and then my husband said he wanted to get it for me. The cost was more than I wanted to spend but … Dan Galligan (who I have watched) and his daughter and son in law, I thought okay. I have eaten enough of the promo food that they make and it was all great, but what got me was the boiled eggs and corn, and how fast a salad can be made. When I got home in October I started to use the cookware and I love it! That is all I can say about it.

    Jenny from Neillsville, WI

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    We attended Bruce and Mary’s cooking class – fantastic! Rated A++ from 2 retired teachers! Would love to take more. We had to leave in order to get to a wedding and made it there just 3 minutes before the bride came down the aisle! We are feeling more confident about the cookware use since this fabulous class. Cute couple with great sense of humor! We are looking forward to someday taking another class. The next time, we hopefully will not be rushing out the door to get to a wedding! Thanks for the great class. Very worthwhile.

    David & Marnie from Livonia, MI

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    My cookware is awesome! You would not believe how it looks after all these years. She said it would last a lifetime but I just thought it was a sales pitch. I was 19 when I bought it. My mother used some of the pieces for a few years but I have it back now and I am 66. The cookware looks great and cooks great. Thank you for an awesome product that has stood the test of time.

    Freida from Sevierville, TN

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I’m not sure where to go to thank the company for sending me a new knob for my lid! But I sure appreciate the quick response to my problem! I treasure my cookware! I’ve often said that should a fire occur in my home, besides pictures, my cookware would be grabbed up quickly! One time while in Hawaii, we stayed in a condo that had the cookware like I first purchased over 30 years ago. It was in such bad shape, I almost cried! It had never been appreciated and cared for and I almost asked if I could take it home and clean it up it looked so bad! At the time that I purchased my first set, I had also purchased one for my daughter, who was getting married, and her [set] still looks very good! And, to think, I bought my entire set for $300.00. Actually, with the “freebies” I got with my upgraded set, it’s still a good value! Thanks again!

    Jacquie from Vancouver, WA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I’ve used the skillet faithfully over forty-four years. Never had any problems until about a month ago: oil leakage. Returned to company and the replacement is being replaced free of charge! Never have I heard of a company that stands behind their warranty especially after all these years! I purchased the whole cookware line when I was single. I’m now 63 and as I stated this skillet has been used almost daily. Keep on manufacturing this amazing product. Patricia Kerr

    Amazing Warranty

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I met Dave, the owner of your company, at the NY state fair this past August and he gave me a great deal on the entire set of cookware. I just wanted to say thanks; it was the best investment I have ever made. I can’t wait to cook dinner every night. Our food tastes so much better. Even our guests can tell the difference. Happy Holidays to everyone at Kitchen Craft and thanks again for a wonderful product made in America. Kimberlee Williamson

    The Best Investment

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I would love to do a commercial! Dad made me buy your product at age 16 to establish credit. Was I mad! I still have your product and am 53 years old.

    1970’s Pots and Pans

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I just made a boneless turkey breast, cut up potatoes, and corn in the Slo-Cooker. The turkey is the juiciest one I have ever tasted. The potatoes and corn don’t need any butter, they soaked up the juices from the turkey, and minimal water was used. Thanksgiving dinner for two is perfect in the slow cooker. I would recommend this cookware to anyone!

    Thanksgiving in the Slo-Cooker

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I’m now nearing on my one year anniversary with our Kitchen Craft cookware. My husband and I were at a home show last year, when we happened upon a demonstration, and sat to watch. We try to live healthily, but didn’t realize the way we were cooking in our non-stick pans was really bad for us. We ended up with the Deluxe Set, along with the bake ware, Gourmet Cooker, Electric Skillet and Kitchen Kutter. When we saw the total price, I wanted to walk away without buying. The sticker shock was too much, being in the $2000 range. My husband convinced me that it would be our last set of cookware we would ever have to purchase, and that did it. It took a few weeks for the shipment to arrive, but when it did, I had those boxes unpacked, pots and pans washed and our old cookware boxed up in record time. I actually cooked our supper that night in record time, and everything was delicious. I’m still trying to get the waterless cooking right on our stove top, but the Electric Skillet has become like an extension of my right hand! That piece is my definite favorite. My only suggestion would be to introduce more pieces as I have a large griddle that I cook pancakes and eggs on still, as the Kitchen Craft pieces I have are just too small to get the job done quickly. I’m used to cooking 8 pancakes at a time, and I have used the skillet for it, but I can only cook 1 at a time in it. Other than that one thing, I have absolutely no problems with my cookware, and am looking forward to many more years of use with my set.

    Crystal from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    As my cookware is now 53 years old, I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed using it and that it is in very good shape for its age. Also have the Knife set that came with it and it’s still in good shape, except for one piece missing. Thank you for such a good product!

    Beatrice from Stanwood, MI

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I absolutely love my cookware. We received it via UPS on September 4th. I immediately unpacked it, washed it, and then prepared dinner within 30 minutes. I cooked frozen chicken breasts w/rosemary & garlic seasoning, whole white potatoes (using the Liquid Core Electric Skillet), vegetable medley and Portobello mushrooms. The food was remarkable. I could not believe that we could actually taste each vegetable in its own flavor considering they were all cooked together. I am so excited to have this product and I look forward to cooking healthy from now on. I purchased my set at the Maryland State Fair. Our chef (I can’t recall his name – sorry!) was wonderful!

    Pamela from Aberdeen, MD

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    When I first met and married my husband, he had already purchased a set of Kitchen Craft Cookware – the Basic Set, plus the Kitchen Kutter, Electric Skillet, and Gourmet Slo-Cooker. I, at the time, was a devout fan of the (glassware) line of cookware. Since my husband cannot so much as boil an egg, I figured he had NO CLUE about cookware and had probably thought whatever lady sold him the stuff (in Arizona) was cute and bought the set to impress her. Flash forward – nearly 8 years went by and we found ourselves at a fair where there was a demonstration. Hubby told your representative the story about how the cookware is sitting in boxes in the basement (I’d actually requested that he give them to charity, but he’d refused). She invited us to “see her show” starting in just a few minutes. I politely smiled and nodded “sure” – then told hubby “let’s go out the back way, she’ll never notice we’re gone.” He said, “NO, you need to see why I won’t get rid of those dishes!” Well, I sat through her presentation, tried the food, and was completely bowled over. I bought several more pieces for the set, have used the Kitchen Craft ever since – and have since donated that (glassware) to charity! To think, I had the BEST stuff sitting in boxes for 8 years!! Thanks for an awesome product!

    Lisa from Gaithersburg, MD

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    Much thanks to you and your company for sending me the Slo-Cooker base. When I got it and opened it up I was so glad. I’m going to use it today to make a stew. I have been using my cookware and I wish that I had started using it when I first got it. I am so amazed with the end product, the food tastes so good! I know that the original cost is expensive but it is so worth it because I’m cooking at home more and going out less. I’m telling everyone about your cookware, I just love it. I gave all my old pots and pans to my daughter. Thank you again for all your help. You have sold me for life. I can’t wait ’til I can go to the cooking class that one of your distributors are doing here soon. Thank you ever so much. I will help spread the word about your cookware. I am forever a loyal customer!


  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I bought a set of this cookware in 1955 when your demonstration came to my home and cooked a meal for 20 people. I bought the set of cookware for $350.00 and paid for them at $15.00 per month until they were paid for. I remarried and gave the set to my granddaughter who loves cooking in them. Last year, while at a show in Yuma, AZ I happened to come upon a booth that was demonstrating the same cook set. I was so happy that they were still manufacturing Kitchen Craft products, so I brought me another set! They make the best food without water you can eat. I’m 81 years old and not many [more] years to live, but I just had to purchase another set of this cookware that I was sorry I gave away to my granddaughter. I’m so thankful I went to that show and found a dealer. Thanks again!

    Ethel from Prescott, AZ

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    My husband hates chicken. But after tasting it prepared in the Electric Skillet during a demonstration, I am now the VERY HAPPY OWNER of my own set! Now he wants chicken all the time!

    Francie from Indianapolis, IN

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    We purchased this cookware at the Tennessee State Fair. We absolutely love it! It makes meal time easier, faster, and healthier. It would be hard to do without the 4 quart cooker. Thanks for such quality cookware.

    Joyce from Dresden, TN

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I purchased my complete set of Kitchen Craft when I was just out of high school. My friends are amazed when I tell them how long I have used the cookware, especially since it is still in such good condition. Recently I contacted Kitchen Craft about a couple of my pans that had warped on the bottom. I was contacted immediately and given instructions to send the items back for either repair or replacement. Today, 3 1/2 weeks later, I received brand new replacements with lids. I am so glad I had the foresight to buy this cookware so many years ago.

    Nancy from Dublin, VA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I am writing to tell you, about my Kitchen Craft Cookware that I purchased in 1956, it came with a silverware set and cutlery set. I am still using my Kitchen Craft Roaster every holiday. I also use my large 4 quart pan and small Dutch oven daily. I would like to tell you a story… Twenty some years ago, I put a chicken in my small Dutch oven, turned it on high to start it boiling, and I was going to come back to turn the heat down. I had left the house for an appointment with my daughter. On the way back we passed the fire house and the trucks were gone on a call. I turned to my daughter and said, “The fire engines are at our house. I forgot to turn the heat down.” And sure enough when we turned on our street we saw the fire trucks at our house. I knew what had happened, the house was full of smoke and I saw sitting in my backyard the burned Dutch oven with a piece of charred chicken left in the bottom of it that the fireman had thrown out the door. The Dutch oven was pitch-black. I am thankful it was my Kitchen Craft Dutch oven because any other pan wouldn’t have withstood the heat and my house would have started on fire. A few days later I went and picked up the Dutch oven from the backyard and proceeded to clean it. I scrubbed and soaked it. Then I scrubbed some more and today I am still using that same pan!

    Loretta from Wyoming, MI

  • Dear Kitchen Craft: When I was a senior in high school, several of us girls bought sets of Kitchen Craft cookware from a young man trying to put himself through college. Of course it didn’t hurt that the young man was very handsome and had a good personality. He sold several sets to us girls and it’s been the topic of discussion at several of our class reunions. My set of cookware included a set of stainless steel mixing bowls and 8″ square and round baking pans and pie pans. All was stored in my “hope” chest until I was married in Dec 1969. I have used the cookware every day (37 years), have never had a problem with any breakage and I’ve been so very, very pleased with the results of my cooking adventures. OH YES! There have been several times food has been burned onto the bottoms of some of these pans however using a little elbow grease, some stainless steel cleaner and a Scotch Brite cleaning pad they clean up as good as new. I am pleased to see this company is still in business after all these years, but it doesn’t surprise me because your company makes a really great product.

    Rhonda from Paoli, IN

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    We moved to Washington State and built our house. We lived in an attic for a month and I cooked everything we ate in the Gourmet Cooker. We moved into the house, still no stove so I continue to cook with the Gourmet Cooker. I have made burritos, soups, stews, meat loaf, applesauce, au gratin potatoes, just about anything you can think of. I get help from frozen foods and add sauces to make them tastier. I LOVE the Gourmet Cooker, it is a wonderful product!

    Rebecca from Yelm, WA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I originally purchased the full set of Kitchen Craft soon after graduation from high school. At that time salesmen where going to your home. I kept the boxes under my bed at my parents’ home for a while, until I moved to my own apartment. I began using them daily and have used them since. Last month I sent back two pans that had lost their handles. Your company replaced these 50 year old pans with new ones! I can’t tell you how happy I am to have made such a wise decision when I was so young. I would recommend your product to anyone. I now live with my sister, who does most of the cooking. We have the large skillet that she loves. It has become warped over the years; however she refuses to part with it long enough to mail it to you for replacement. That is how happy she still is with it regardless of the condition of the outside bottom! Again–I am very satisfied with the pans and highly recommend that cooks everywhere take advantage of this superior product and warranty!

    Barbara from Lincoln, CA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    We are very proud of our stainless steel West Bend cookware. Having worked in the food industry since the end of WWII, it is a delight to own such a high quality stainless steel system that is made here in the USA.

    Phil from Tucson, AZ

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    Hello, I want to thank you for the marvelous job you did on my Kitchen Craft pots. I’ve used them for 42 plus years and rely on them as they always cook food quite fine. I never expected to get them fixed and it was by chance that I saw the waterless cookware display at the fair, asked the people, and got your address. You sure made my day! Thanks for fixing them.

    Ruth from Freedom, PA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    My oven has been out of order for two weeks now. I’m SOOOOOOOO glad to have my Kitchen Craft cookware as I can do so much with it. [I] made the pineapple upside down cake since I haven’t baked any goodies lately and MAN it is good!

    Sally from Salem, OR

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    My set is 30 years old, and it still cooks amazingly. I am in need of replacing the handles and the lid tops. After 30 years, they are just [wearing out]. I have considered replacing my set for a shiny one that is meant to cook as well as mine. However, I realized mine has mellowed in its shine because of all of the years our family has cooked and scrubbed these pots. I happened to look at family photos recently, and through all of these years the kitchen photos have our same pots and pans. Our youngest daughter grew up to be a phenomenal chef. Her early years are with these pots and pans. Replacing them would be like letting go of a family member for a new one. We couldn’t have that now could we?

    Alice from Ventura, CA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    Our cookware is 30 years old and the best INVESTMENT my wife ever made. Great product! A+A+A+!

    John from Paragould, AR

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    My son and I attended a show at a festival in November of 2004. I don’t know who was more excited when we received the cookware my son or me. We both love to cook with it. It was a very good investment. Cooking entire meals is quick and easy with this cookware. Did I mention that my son is 13?

    Mary from White City, FL

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    We bought our set 40 years ago. Once you’ve had the best nothing else compares!

    Nancy from Glendale, AZ

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    My husband and I went to a demonstration at a friend’s house and we ended up having a demonstration at our house. We really loved the cookware. We use it all the time. We have the Electric Skillet and it is wonderful. We have been using the cookware for 29 years.

    Esther from Crossville, TN

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I am so glad that I found your website. A hope chest dealer came to my door more than 30 years ago and made me an offer I could not refuse. Being 18 and engaged to be married, I thought it would be a great investment to purchase your cookware. I cannot remember what I paid for it, but I remember making monthly payments. As a young girl, it was a large purchase for me; I was just a waitress in a small restaurant in Negaunee, MI. But today, I’m 48, still married, and still using your cookware. I feel it was all worth it.

    Mary from Cathedral City, CA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I haven’t received my set yet; however, I am excited about it because I’ve debated between buying yours and a competitor’s for almost 10 years. I just couldn’t make up my mind. Each State Fair and each Strawberry Festival would leave me undecided and confused UNTIL yesterday when Virgil Tanner’s humor and sincere urging to BUY AMERICAN made the deepest impression on me. Buying American is extremely important to me because my daddy gave his life as an American soldier fighting in Vietnam. I will pay more to buy American every time. I had almost bought at your competitor’s show, but left when the chef there began bickering with the lady in front of me about what she was (or rather was NOT) buying and made some prejudiced and anti-Semitic remarks, which I found offensive. Somehow, I couldn’t see Virgil, or Lorin, or Damon, who were kind enough to help me with my order and found out answers to all my questions, doing that. There was no high pressure, no pushiness, no insincerity, and no rudeness. Nothing that could ever be a discredit to your company’s name displayed at any time by the three people I saw at the Kitchen Craft display. I am truly excited about what I bought and when I wrote on my order that Virgil was the “clincher” for my purchase, he truly was. Please commend him for that. I hope that the supervisor for the three people I mentioned here will give them the kudos that they so richly deserve for being outstanding representatives of your company, especially Virgil Tanner. Once again, thank not only you for the quality of your products but especially the quality and INTEGRITY of your personnel.

    Thea from Brandon, FL

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I love my cookware. I’ve had it almost 2 years now and still feel so blessed to have such wonderful cookware. Thank you!

    Sarah from Mystic, CT

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    Just wanted to say I have used this cookware since 1959 and it still looks and works like new. I got new handles this year and people think I just bought the cookware. Thanks for such a great product.

    Judy from Alamo, TX

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I saw my first demo in the mid 60’s when my parents went to a relative’s house for a free dinner. My parents could not afford the pots at the time but we had a good time and I never forgot watching the pots cook on top of each other. Well approximately 40 years later I met Cindy and Sandy at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans and purchased the Basic Set. I had seen the demo here before, but it just so happened that my husband had recently had a double lung transplant which necessitated me to learn a new way to cook without salt, oil or sugar since his medications have side effects. He is a diabetic as a result. When he first came home, our pots had just arrived. He laughed at first saying, “How much was this?” He still doesn’t know and is constantly told, “Don’t ask!”
    At first, after surgery in the hospital with healthy food, he was getting 5 insulin shots a day to control his glucose. Then, when we started cooking in our new pots with no water, no oil, and no salt, we had to start every morning giving him sugared juice to bring up his glucose level as it was too low. Then, we made a trip for a routine check-up and explained that since we were really watching his diet, with no salt, no oil, and watching sugars, we had to give him sugared juice regularly to keep his level up so they lowered his amount of insulin shots. They reviewed his levels and said if his level is below 110, we should not give him the insulin. For the next two weeks, he should have had 56 insulin doses but he only needed and received 21. For the past week, he has had no insulin and is running at levels of 80 to 108! I have been cooking for him for 32 years and he is not eating any less or anything different. Just cooking differently with our new Kitchen Craft Cookware and this is wonderful.
    Just a little quickie. He loves sweet slaw. I use the Kitchen Kutter and grate 1/4 head of cabbage, and then grate one whole carrot, add a 1/2 cup of raisins and some plain yogurt with a sugar substitute and chill and he OINKS out. Special thanks to Cindy and Sandy. They may not know the medical benefits from this product. But it can be a life saver. Good luck girls and GOD Bless You.

    Joan from Hammond, LA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I have always loved vegetables, but I was truly amazed at the true taste they had after being cooked in my Kitchen Craft cookware. Between the cooked veggies and the “Demonstration Salad” featured at the state fair I attended in Maryland, I lost 15 pounds with no effort. When I returned to the fair the next year, Betty Hahn remembered me from selling me the set the previous year. The great customer service and the last-a-lifetime products have me still, years later, spreading the word to all of my friends about West Bend. Thank you for helping my family members stay healthy in a most delicious way!

    Laura from Honolulu, HI

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I have my grandmother’s set which I believed she purchased in the late 50’s. My mom and my maternal grandmother swore by this cookware and the number of meals prepared was countless. This cookware went through tornadoes (which completely devastated my grandmother’s home) and 2 hurricanes which I lost my home to. But the cookware was always salvaged and is still in use. Every Sunday morning before church, there were pounds of bacon and sausage cooked in the skillet both electric and on the range. Also 5 pounds of potatoes were shredded using the Kitchen Kutter and fried. This has been a tradition for many a year. Every year the whole family gets together for a 4-day family reunion and these big breakfasts are still a big hit. Grandma would be so proud of us still cooking together and gathering for our meals with a lot of laughter and love.
    Yes, your cookware helps us to cook healthier and that is great. But I think that the endurance of this cookware is something that can’t be beat. I know when I bought my new set my husband said he knew that I really didn’t need it since my grandma’s cookware looks just as shiny and new as my new set but my daughter is 11 and I thought that this new set will be something that she will have forever and can pass down to her daughter or son some day. I love your products and would recommend this set of cookware and bake ware to all. Thanks for such a wonderful product.

    Vicki from Pillager, MN

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    Our new cookware is everything it was said to be and more. We are enjoying the learning process and find the info included very helpful. We are amazed how easy it is to prepare the most difficult of foods and love the stackable cooking. This is by far one of the best investments we have made. We look forward to many years of healthy and enjoyable cooking. Also the counter weight lids are truly a blessing when the pots and pans are hung on the wall. We just keep discovering more fun and joy with our new cookware. Thank you and blessings.

    Sheila from Spokane, WA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    The cookware is wonderful. I had given up cooking when I saw the demonstration at the Knoxville Convention Center. I was visiting a friend in Townsend, TN. She had told me about her cookware and how much she loved it. We planned a trip to coincide with the Home and Garden show in Knoxville. I have cooked every day since I received my cookware. I was tired of the same old recipes that I grew up on. Since cooking with this cookware mine and my husband’s appetite has returned for this delicious food.
    Although I am still learning how to convert recipes for diabetics to this cookware, I am having fun learning.
    Thanks so much for your wonderful cookware. It is an investment I should have done many years ago.

    Kay from Southaven, MS

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I am more thrilled than I can say to have received my cookware from Kitchen Craft. I live near West Bend, WI and am pleased to be able to support a local company, especially with the amount of out-sourcing of many businesses these days.
    My mother had a set of these when I was just a girl and I can remember a representative cooking at our house. Owning a set has been a life-long dream, which only someone who knows this product would understand. And anyone who didn’t know the product would think I was silly, or at least until I had their ear for five minutes.
    Anyway, since this is the fulfillment of a dream I am sure that you understand why I want to use them as designed. I made my teenagers sit through the video before I even washed my set for the first time! That’s how much I love the stuff! I wanted to make sure that I did not hear the credo of the teenager; “Well, I didn’t know….” Now they know and they will treat it right, because they know what’s good for them. 😉
    I fully expect my Kitchen Craft products to outlive me. And it is good to know that my children will know the benefits of healthier, more economical meal preparation.

    Maryellen from Union Grove, WI

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    In 1958, my parents, Roberto and Antonia Parra, purchased a set of your cookware for about $400. We lived in Los Angeles, CA. I was ten years old and one of eight children. This was quite a lot of money in those days and a small fortune for my parents.
    I remember your representatives preparing a dinner that was mostly new to us since we had been raised on Mexican food. They prepared a ham with pineapple, vegetables and a pineapple upside-down cake. It was the first time I tasted meat with fruit.
    As long as I can remember, we (my mom and five girls) used the cookware to prepare three daily meals for the family as we grew to eleven children and my parents.
    Over the years, the cookware began to lose handles, but they continue until today to be used by my mom (she and my dad live alone now) to prepare fewer meals.
    My parents had long misplaced any literature that came along with the cookware. Over the weekend, my husband and I sat through one of your presentations at the L. A. Home Show and I recognized the cookware. When I got home, I asked my mom to look under the pot and tell me the manufacturer. Without even looking, she said Kitchen Craft.

    Blanca from Malibu, CA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    My husband insisted we get a set of Kitchen Craft after joining in on a demonstration at the State Fair. I was reluctant to spend that much money at this stage of our lives (we’re close to 70), but I love it and am so proud of it. Then on January 1, my husband had to have a stent put in one of his arteries–this was sort of ‘out of the blue’ and he is now learning as much as he can about eating healthy. Thank goodness I have the right utensils! Thanks so much.

    Joanne from Lake Oswego, OR

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    My husband and I were attending almost every home-show locally. We were about to venture into a huge kitchen remodel. That meant no hot meals for approximately 3-4 months. After viewing a demo, I thought my husband wouldn’t even consider spending $$$ on cookware since we were spending $60,000 on our remodel. I was wrong! It turned out to be the best investment ever! I love to cook and the thought of not having a home cooked meal for months was very sad. On the first day without a stove or oven, I was able to prepare a full course meal using your Slo-cooker and electric skillet. My husband was shocked! My kids a little disappointed because they were looking forward to all the fast food. Now, I have a beautiful kitchen! But my husband tells everyone he regrets spending all that money because my meals were just as delicious using your “Kitchen Craft Cookware” on a “small” bar area. Thank you for a wonderful product!

    Jessica from Diamond Bar, CA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    This is the best and most energy saving cookware I’ve ever used. The food is just awesome when cooked with this cookware. Most of the meals I’ve cooked take about 30 minutes for 2 people with no hassle whatsoever. It used to take about 1 hour to cook the same meal and it wasn’t anything to talk about – not to mention the energy for 30 more minutes. Now I’ve been talking and talking a lot about these kitchen tools that surpass the very best. Thanks for being the greatest and MADE IN USA! YES!

    Jeff from McKinney, TX

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I purchased this set right out of high-school. It was approximately $500 and included a set of knives in a wooden holder (which I still use today) and a set of flatware (all have been lost). This was back in 1959. I was cooking Sunday dinner and thought about how long I have had these pans. I never did master the waterless cooking but the pans are wonderful. The only thing that ever happened to them was a dent in one of the lids, and one knob replacement. I also lost both cookie sheets. Those $500 were very expensive at the time, but they’ve have proved to have been a very worthwhile investment. Thanks for making such a great product. It will definitely outlast me.

    Barb from Portage, MI

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    During a move, my husband and I were taking boxes from the kitchen to the truck. My husband decided to place the Kitchen Craft Cookware box on the stove while he took care of some other things. When he set the box down, he accidentally turned on the stove and didn’t know. Next thing we know the house goes up in flames and our cookware was destroyed … so we thought. After examining the rubbish and retrieving everything we could, I decided to try to clean up my once beautiful cookware. With a little Cameo® and a lot of elbow grease I was ecstatic when my cookware turned out good as new! In fact, I kept the cord for the Electric Skillet inside of the unit and when I took the top off the skillet, the cord had not been damaged and it still works! The only evidence that my cookware has been in a fire is that a few of the handles are a bit melted. WOW!

    Linda from Fairfield, CA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I bought my Slo-Cooker – just the one piece was all I could afford – last year. After cooking all kinds of stuff this past year and enjoying it so much that I have dubbed it my “Magic Pot,” I had to move Heaven and earth to make it to the fair this year and get my set. I bought the smallest set, as I am still cash-challenged somewhat, but was happy to get it. It arrived in time for this morning’s breakfast, and I immediately washed and heated my skillet.
    Even though I’ve seen the demo twice, I was still skeptical about cooking scrambled eggs in anything but a nonstick pan. Well…let me tell you, the eggs never even TRIED to stick, and the pan was clean as a whistle in a jiffy.
    I got a second Slo-Cooker as an incentive when I bought my set, and even though I already have one, it’s hard for me to part with it – but I will! I’m giving it to my best friend/manager of my little specialty store as a bonus/housewarming gift – I’m also his real estate agent and am helping him find a new home right now, and this is one thing I knew he would not buy for himself. I know he’s going to discover what I did – this is the best value for the money I’ve ever purchased. At twice the price, it would still be a bargain. The quality of the cookware is so superior to anything I’ve ever used.

    I can’t wait to mess with the Kitchen Kutter! I’m going to go buy 15 pounds of veggies to shred, slice and enjoy tonight! Well, I won’t EAT it all tonight, but I’ll ‘KUT’ it all! 😉

    Gail from South Gate, CA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I noticed Kitchen Craft is listed as a presenting company with a booth at our Home Show. It was quite a surprise to see and recognize the company name. The set of Kitchen Craft cookware that I purchased in 1957 is the cookware I still use today … 47 years later!
    I purchased the set in Washington, D. C. paying for it $5 a week out of a $45 week paycheck. As you can imagine, I took cookware seriously to invest such a large portion of my income to it!
    I hope someone in your company will take time to enjoy my message and the amazement of this nearly half a century Kitchen Craft user!
    It would be interesting to know if you receive many other lifetime stories such as mine.
    Congratulations and Sincere Best Wishes!

    Barbara from Bradenton, FL

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    You will never know how thrilled I was when I sent my 52-year-old roaster pan in to get a broken handle repaired and back came a brand new roaster pan and I am so appreciative! I doubt, however, that I’ll be around to see it used for the next 50 years but somebody will. I have 2 or 3 other pieces and they are still serving me well. Thank you again. I will enjoy using my new one.

    Gayle from Charlotte, MI

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    It was very interesting to read of Kitchen Craft Cookware’s expansion as I have a set from 1940 when it was introduced at house parties. My husband bought a set for me as a surprise – I almost took his head off as we were newlyweds on a tight budget. We paid for it in installments, which was hard to do at that time. It was a wise buy (as he kept reminding me) as I still am using it daily and no doubt will pass it on to a grandchild when I’m gone. It has outlasted my husband of 60 years. I think of him each time I use a pan.

    Ruth from Saint Francis, WI

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    We just attended a demonstration at the CA State Fair like we always do. The young man was fairly new but I love Kitchen Craft and really like telling folks about the benefits of waterless cooking. Every time I attend a show I either learn something new or remember some tip I forgot. Last year we bought some additional pieces and this year we bought the baking set. Now the only thing left for me to do is to apply to be a show host. This is the best cooking ware anyone could get or give. Thank you!

    Peter from Half Moon Bay, CA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I purchased a set for my mother in 1963 and received it back from the estate after her passing. I was thrilled to learn they were still under warranty. This information was shared at a recent show I attended in New Orleans. Your representatives were very helpful and I am looking forward to many more years of service. West Bend Cookware is the finest I have experienced. Since we live in South Louisiana and cooking is such a part of our culture, nothing does it better than Kitchen Craft! Thanks for producing such a great product.

    Kenneth from Livingston, LA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I have no need to diet because of my waterless greaseless cookware. My cholesterol was 589 – now it’s 209. My triglycerides were 1400 – now 380! This was without using medication or dieting. Thanks Kitchen Craft!

    Vick from Buena Vista, CA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I was going through some old cookbooks and found a booklet with Recipes and Instructions for Stainless Steel Cookware by Kitchen Craft. I looked you up on the web to see if you are still in business and was surprised to find you. I thought you would like to hear my story. I bought a complete set of cookware while still in high school in 1955 and almost FIFTY YEARS LATER I am still using them — they still look like a new set of cookware! In fact, they look better than most of what I see in the stores now. Only problem I had with the set was a knob on the small saucepan cracked and thanks to your website, we found a knob to replace it with. Thanks for many years of service.

    Jan from Bellefontaine, OH

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I just wanted to say that I’ve had an original set since 1951. I just found my instruction book and wasn’t sure if you were still in business. I’ve enjoyed your cookware ever since way back then and to this day I haven’t seen the quality to top your product. I still use them every day. Just thought maybe you would be interested to know that after all these years, you are still the best.

    Lorene from Mesa, AZ

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I received my electric skillet a week ago and cannot believe the ease of cooking and clean up. My new utensil is a work of art to look at as it sits on my counter top. The recipes are easy to follow and a breeze to prepare. Tonight I prepared the Moroccan Chicken for my husband and father. Not only was it tasty, but attractive in the skillet on my table. My husband is now convinced my purchase was a good decision and the skillet a good value.

    Carol O Baxter from NC

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    What a product! In 1950 we hosted a party in our home here in Geraldine, Alabama and as I remember it everybody who attended bought a set or some piece of cookware. We bought a whole set — I believe the price was $60 — and we could no more afford that expenditure than anything, but we both agree that it was the best money we’ve ever spent.

    John and Billire from Geraldine, AL

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    Great stuff. I love it! One of the best purchases I have made in a long time!

    Hector from Bradenton, FL

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    Let me tell you about my “old pots and pans.” They allowed me to send them back to the company and they replaced all my old handles with brand new ones and I only paid for the shipping! My husband and I were very impressed! I can’t say enough good things about your company. Made in the U.S.A is the way to go! I’ve had the old set for 41 years and I cook all the time, they still look great! Thanks a bunch, Blessings,

    Barbara Gagnon

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I had a wonderful experience with Kitchen Craft and I want to share it with everyone. I had two lids that needed replaced so I called the company to see how I could go about it. Well Linda in the Customer Service Department was so nice. She checked the call tags for delivery and made sure my lids would arrive by Thanksgiving. I hung up the phone bawling because it was such an amazing experience. I have been battling Ethan Allen over a purchase I made just last spring. They won’t even return my calls. I bought my cookware years ago and the service I got from Kitchen Craft was phenomenal. I was treated so nicely and I just wanted to thank you. I will let everyone know what a good company Kitchen Craft is!

    Mrs. Mesick from Centerville, UT

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I have had my cookware since 1963 and wouldn’t use anything else. It’s the greatest. It still cooks as good today as it did the first day I bought it. I highly recommend it to everyone who cooks and has the health of their family at heart. Pay a little for a one-time purchase of the best on the market. I will be adding to my collection with the electric skillet and salad maker in the near future. I would rather do without than to buy something inferior. My health and my family’s health is upper most in my mind and I don’t take chances with their lives.
    Do yourself and your family a favor and buy what you can afford, even if it’s only a few pieces. You won’t regret it.

    Jan from Arlington, TX

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I lost 20 pounds and my cholesterol is down over 100 points – I wish I had known Bill & Patty (Kitchen Craft Distributors) sooner! I wish you had a dozen more just like them. Thanks again!

    Stan from Memphis, TN

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    My parents invited a Kitchen Craft Sales Rep to our house after I got engaged. They bought a deluxe set for me and I am still using it. We recently purchased a new stove with a glass surface and radiant heat. I was worried that my pans wouldn’t cook as well on this surface but they still do a great job. None of the pans have warped and they still clean and shine like new. Thank you Kitchen Craft!

    Joyce A. from Tiverton, RI

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I purchased your cookware on impulse years ago. I was a young girl not even yet out on my own. It was the best purchase I ever made. I use it every day. It has moved with me through 6 states and I couldn’t imagine using anything else. I recommend it to everyone.

    Kelly Manning from Kailua, HI

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    My mother bought Kitchen Craft cookware 35 years ago. Sales men went door to door and even cooked a meal to demonstrate the efficient way this cookware is. To this day my mother still uses and has this set in its entirety which is I think more than 15 pieces all have been cared for and are in mint condition considering they have been in use for the past 35 years!

    Olivia from San Jose, CA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    My father was a Kitchen Craft rep and gave us a complete set as a wedding present in 1951. They are made of aluminum, not stainless steel. They have served us well for 52 years. I don’t think I could cook with any other type of pans. Thanks so much for your excellent craftsmanship.

    Patricia from Kelseyville, CA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    When I purchased this set, I kept thinking, God, I hope it was worth the money. Well, it was and still is. I love the fact that I don’t have to use oil or water. The meats come out so tender and full of juice, and the vegetables don’t lose any of their nutrients.

    Lenore from Palm Coast, FL

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    This set of pots and pans are without a doubt the best I’ve ever owned … and I’ve tried many! Nothing has held up as well and stayed flat with no warping. You need that kind of quality these days with glass top ranges! 30 years of a wonderful product and I thank you!

    Jill from Blue Ridge, GA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    My mother’s first set of cookware was Kitchen Craft. She purchased it in 1946. Mom passed away in 1997. I am still using these pans today! They are still in excellent condition!

    Joan from Fayetteville, WV

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I love the fact that I don’t have to use any oil or butter when cooking. I made chicken breasts that were some of the best I’ve had! I definitely share your information with my foods students here at Badger Middle School. I truly believe you have a winner in the Kitchen Craft line!

    Sally from West Bend, WI

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I have a little 1 quart pan that I’ve had for a very long time. I use it so much as I live in a home where we are fed our dinner but must make our other meals. (I’m 93 years old.) Nothing burns in my little 60-year-old pan. Thanks for such a great, long-lasting, product.

    Mrs. Ruth Knadle from Inwood, IA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    We went to a demonstration of your products at a friend’s home in 1983. We were so impressed by the display that we purchased a set. Since that time we have never had to purchase any other cookware. Your cookware has probably been the best purchase we have made since then. We promote all of your pieces to everyone. Thank you for everything!

    Julie from Layton, Utah

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    It has been great to use for cooking for our family of 7 for 45 years. It has served us well and it’s wonderful not to use grease or water.

    Richard from Council Bluffs, IA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    Super! They last for many generations. They look the same as they did 34 years ago. I love to stack them up and cook!

    Rudy from Camillus, NY

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I have used it for 30 years. My son, a chef, tried mine and loved it! Now he has his very own set.

    Eleanor from Choctaw, OK

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I love it! I save on buying vitamins. Healthy cooking does it alone.

    Charles from Texas

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I purchased the Kitchen Craft Basic Set in June of 2001 after watching a demonstration at the fair. I weighed 290 lbs. at the time and was very unhappy with what fast foods had done to my body. I was able to cook my meals at home in the same time it took to go out and get fast food or junk. By January of 2002 I weighed in at 215 lbs. without going on a fad diet. I had just good food at home. At the first demonstration they mentioned the effects of aluminum on memory loss and that was me. I removed all aluminum from my diet, including pans and soda cans. My memory is back and clear.

    Paul from California

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I just had to let you know about the meal we just had, that my wife Cathy made in twenty minutes using the Kitchen Craft Cookware we purchased at you Orlando show.

    Cathy prepared haddock fillets, seasoned with a drop of olive oil, Seafood Seasoning (Farmer Bros.) and a little oregano leaf. She also prepared fresh broccoli (on low is all you need to know.) I have never had broccoli with such natural color and flavor. The haddock flaked just perfectly.

    Another quick message about the sausage Cathy made the other day for breakfast. She made our usual sausage (but with no grease or water added.) I asked where she got the “great new type of sausage,) and she laughed and said that it was what we always have.

    When you make such an investment as two sets you wonder if you made a good move. Now my only thought is “Why did I wait so many years to purchase the magnificent cookware?”

    An added extra, blood pressure had dropped ten points since going grease-less.

    Thanks and we look forward to your email updates.

    Cathy and Ed Radik from Titusville, FL

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    It just dawned on me when I was doing my dishes, how long I’ve had my set of Kitchen Craft cookware. It has been at least forty-three years and they are still going strong. I can’t say enough about the quality of this product. I use it every day and I couldn’t tell you how many meals and how many batches of fudge they’ve been through and they don’t disappoint. My kids have tried to get me to switch to Teflon cookware and have bought it for me only to have to throw it away because after a while, it starts peeling and really looks bad. I’m sixty-seven years old and when my husband purchased it, I told him it was too expensive, but he bought it anyway. I am so glad he did. My dear husband passed away six years ago and his legacy goes on. Again, thank you for making such a great product.

    JoAnne Fisher from Huntington, Indiana

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    This cookware is absolutely amazing. The most prominent feature of the cookware, in my opinion, is not that is waterless, but that it heats evenly. I have a thirty year old electric range that is not suitable for most cookware, as the heat is not evenly distributed. With Kitchen Craft, I can cook on a not so level burner and it does not affect the distribution of heat of the cookware. I care for my cookware according to the manufacturer’s instructions and the cookware remains in nearly the same condition as when I purchased it. I have never set my burner above the medium setting, so as one can exercise patience in cooking, this is definitely cookware for life.

    Thank you Kitchen Craft!

    Matthew Zubia from Ridgecrest, CA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I have never had a kitchen product better than my Family Set of pots, purchased in 1985!

    James Wear from Hilton Head Island, SC

  • Dear Kitchen Craft: We like you product so much that we recently purchased our second set with the intent to share it with our girls. We attended a local Home Show as a “fun thing” to do and listened to Mark Payne’s presentation in Manchester, NH. This visit provided us with a review of what we had heard in early 20 when we purchased our first set. Mark’s presentation provided a review and made us aware of all that the cookware can do as we had forgotten a lot of stuff! We visited with mark after his presentation and we noted that he was going to be in Portsmouth, NH the next weekend. We again attended his demonstration in Portsmouth and purchased our second set. SUGGESTION: consider obtaining each prospective buyer’s email address at each demonstration and creating a means to notify these folds of “upcoming” local presentations (on an as desired basis.) We were definitely impressed in 2000 and we were impressed again this year.

    Pierre and Valerie Boisvert

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    My wife purchased a set of West Bend’s Kitchen Craft cookware in 1960. She loves it, and wouldn’t know what to do without it. However, the welded handle connection to the two-quart sauce pan has broken off.

    She purchased this cookware from me at the time. I had just met her while demonstrating the cookware, and totally lost it half way though the demo. I was smitten. I didn’t make any commission off the sale, and instead persuaded her to marry me. Your cookware has been very durable, and last – just like my wife. As per your instructions, I am enclosing the pan for repair, with a check for $8.00.

    Thank you for the effort.


    Gary Krueger from Baxter, MN

  • Dear Kitchen Craft: I have owned the basic set of Lustre Craft pots since the early 1970s. I have never owned another set of pots since and they are as nice today as they were when I bought them. I plan on handing them down to my daughter some day. Thank you for the best pots ever!

    Eileen Elliott from Brighton, MI

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    Cindy Hostbjor and Sandy Hayes shared this email with us from a customer who saw the demo on a Saturday, and then came back that Sunday with husband. She walked into their booth and stated, “I want the WORKS! But I want my husband to watch the demo so he can experience what I experienced.”

    Hi Cindy,
    My cookware has arrived and I’m so excited to start using it. I just got rid of all my pots and pans, along with all my old bake-ware. All I have and need is my new Kitchen Craft Cookware. Just wanted to let you know that I love my set and the Kitchen Kutter. I also got rid of my old food processor.

    Lori Birdenbaker

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    Thanks for the replacement knob. The lid now works fine. We sure do enjoy using your product. Thank for your friendly service!

    Michael and Sally Bruce

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    Would you like to hear about how I sing (or talk) about Kitchen Craft? I hope so!

    It’s only been a short while for me to experience the easy tasty treats. During the demonstration, the cooking show host emphasized to me the value of lower temperature and no additional water! Getting to taste the variety of vegetables and meat left me in the know. When I came to understand that the natural moisture content of these foods and a low heat setting combined with the high tech construction of the pans is all one needs to cook with Kitchen Craft Cookware. I was able to see that spices and rubs and other seasonings are not necessary. The taste is already there. One just needs to know how to preserve it.

    In my Customer Care Certificate (which I think I should have handed in at the demonstration,) I did tell how the waterless demonstration affected me right after the Farm and Ranch Show close to where I live at Wichita, Kansas. I praise the delicious flavor the utensils bring out in the food. Also, it is a good a selling point that one can buy a lifetime product and that if something should happen there will be no additional cost – it would be under warranty. I have additional praise now that I see that the utensils do the same for me as how was talked about. Unfortunately the Basic set, with all its extra features of the Kitchen Kutter, Gourmet Skillet, Gourmet Slow cooker, and white bowl almost didn’t get delivered on time. I’m happy to report that I did get it in sufficient time, but the salesman spent a good quantity of his tracking and talking skills when it mattered most to this customer to have the shipment by Christmas. Thanks go to not only Kitchen Craft but to the salesman, James Glendenning, too.

    The Gourmet Slow Cooker, which I easily renamed the “Slow Cook Crock Pot,” was used Christmas Eve with a turkey-noodle mixture. I raised and served 24 frozen whole wheat rolls on the double burner griddle (seems like the company wants to retire it.) I have also taken a large frozen pizza, given it a slice through the middle, and stretched the halves so that all the crust lays flat and served also on the same surface. Pizza is a finger food for us so I used a plastic knife for slicing the smaller pieces. It took a second batch of corn-on-the-cob before I understood how to “brown” food. I used the Kitchen Kutter and I thought the suction self stand was a really good feature. You have an amazingly good lifetime warranty!

    I can’t stack four units together like chef at the demonstration, but each of my kids (each received three pieces of the Basic Set) would do it for me if I asked.

    It was impressed to me, in both my Home Economics class in high school and in Emporia State Teacher’s College, the value of not throwing away water from cooking utensils and of watching to preserve vitamins and minerals that are just below the surface of the skin in vegetables. I learned to be mindful of healthy cooking.

    I think that you made real good selection of the Farm and Ranch show as a venue for the demonstration I watched, because we farmers are the roots eating healthy and conserving water. People need to know about these things. I’m finishing up this account of the use and features of my Kitchen Craft. My next point is concerning my way of cooking oatmeal: when I bring the steel-cut oatmeal up to a boil will the heat produced be enough to cook?

    I think that everything I ever want to cook can be done with Kitchen Craft utensils.

    I checked the YES box on the returned Certificate because I wanted to read more recipes. My girl and hubby did the pineapple upside down cake. They loved the taste.

    Louetta Morse from Sedgwick, Kansas

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    My wife and I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that we are really enjoying our new cookware. I can’t believe how my eggs taste in the morning along with everything else – amazing! I made some venison stew in our new Slo-Cooker and it was also AMAZING (slooooooww for 7 hours on low.) I gave some to my friend who hunts a lot and makes it himself quite often. He said it was the best venison stew he ever had and wants the recipe. I attribute it to the cookware and maybe a little of my work, too. My favorite is the Kitchen Kutter and the demonstration salad. We love it and we have put a few new twists on it so we don’t get bored of the same ol’ thing. Thank you again!

    Scott and Karen from Livermore, CA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I was so frustrated when I received an article about how horrible and toxic non-stick cookware is and I have been cooking my eggs on them every morning and feeding them to my precious twins! So I immediately switched to my All Clad stainless steel and what a mess that made! I barely got out any egg as it is all stuck to the bottom! When you were so kind as to give me one of your AMAZING pans to try, I came right home and cooked and egg. It worked wonders! Today I decided to truly test the difference by using your pan and my All Clad pan and cooking an egg at the same time. In both pans, I used the exact amount of olive oil and cooked both on medium to medium low. Bottom line is my $90 All Clad pan is going in the trash! Thanks a million!


  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    I would like o commend Mr. Mark Payne. I was a fellow exhibitor at the Better Home and Living show of New Hampshire this past weekend at the Hampshire Dome in Milford, NH. Mark was incredible and I truly cannot say enough good things about him. His kind demeanor and insatiable desire to make people happy will take him very far with, well, anyone. You are lucky to have such a showman with your organization.

    He treated me, my lady, and my six-month-old like we were part of his family and took care of us to the best of his abilities. We decided to make our purchase of the Deluxe set. He has so far exceeded our expectations and delivered upon his promises EARLY!

    I could go on for quite a bit about him…please make sure to get him some major shows coming up, he will do wonders for you! Aside from Mark, I can’t wait to get our new cookware!

    Benjamin from MA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    My husband and I were just over at the Venture County Fair. We watched one of your cooking demonstrations. I just wanted to say the girl who did the presentation, Denise Duncan, was absolutely wonderful. I’m in my high eighties and I’ve watched cooking demonstrations all my life.

    Denis has a wonderful personality. She was really friendly and she could convey all about the cookware and all in such a lovely way. She put on a long demonstration, and nobody left. We all enjoyed it.

    I just thought her higher ups should know that. She is such an asset to your company. It was a joy to watch her. You certainly do have beautiful cookware. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I just want to say thank you and give Denise a good plug, because she certainly deserves it. And of course, we got to sample the food, too.

    Virginia Granger from CA

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:
    Just wanted to send a quick note to thanks you for these emails and the recipes! I don’t know if you remember me but we met at the Okaloosa Home Show. My wife is a doctor in the military and I was looking for some cooking solutions to help us both out.

    We have had a great time cooking and using the recipes you have been sending so I’d call this venture a success. I also have become a bit more “useful” in the kitchen than before through her eyes.

    Thanks again!

    Lee Elias

  • Dear Kitchen Craft:

    Just wanted to drop a note and tell you how absolutely delighted we are with our cookware.

    My fiancée, Dick Harp, and I bought a set at the state fair in Salem, Oregon a month or so ago. We were impressed with you demonstration and felt that the set was something we could really enjoy. We had recently combined households and, goodness knows, we had enough cookware to last us forever (and it wasn’t bad stuff.)

    The first thing I made was the pineapple upside down cake. I’ve done my fair share of baking over the years, but I can honestly say that was unequivocally THE BEST I’d ever made. Everything we’ve cooked in the pots and pans has been exceptionally good and it’s with the minimum effort! Dick likes to cook and we share the cooking tasks. He tends to favor the slow cooker meals which are out of this world. They are so much more flavorful with these utensils.

    Tonight we had fish, corn on the cob and fresh green beans. The fish was moist and the most flavorful I’ve ever cooked. I forgot to put the corn husks in the bottom of the kettle that the corn on the cob and green beans were in, but we still couldn’t believe how tender and delicious the corn was. It was almost like a different vegetable than what we’d eaten before.

    I’ve never written a testimonial like this before because I’ve never been so impressed with a product before. I just felt I had to share our satisfaction with you. By the way, the old cookware was in the yard sale we did last week!

    Thanks again,

    Rosalie Stamos

  • I’m sure that you don’t remember my wife and I but we purchased a set of pans from Chef Bob to much to our sorrow (competitor from a foreign made cookware company). We sent the pots all back to the manufacturer for warranty or return of our money and were told that the pitting in the pans was due to cooking acidy foods, Guess you aren’t suppose to cook tomato sauce in these pans. Anyway, here is the idea that I have since we aren’t getting any satisfaction from the manufacturer, I would like to GIVE you one or all of these pans to display at your booth with my statement of dissatisfaction and a copy of the statement from the manufacturer stating why they wouldn’t warranty them.
    Thank you for your time.

    Chris Rowe from California

  • It was a pleasure to meet you at the PA Farm Show. I was so impressed to see Kitchen Craft. I mentioned to you about having my Kitchen Craft since 1958. The handle broke on my 2-quart and I threw it [the handle] out. I did not have the heart to throw enclosed pan out, as it is my favorite cooking pot. You mentioned to return it to you and you would replace it. Thank you so much.

    Angie from Pennsylvania

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